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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Muggle Studies Homework.

Boy was this one more difficult.  Have spent ages finding the words and some definitions - and checking that they are correct.  Will edit to add in the rest and make it look pretty tomorrow.  For tonight I must sleep!

9 Letters

1.   suggested: It was suggested that I didn’t leave the dorm after hours...

8 Letters

2.   smuggled: I smuggled bottles of Butterbeer back to the dorm!

3.   stimulus: Not losing housepoints was enough stimulus to do my homework

4.   timeless: Wish my life was timeless so I had more time for knitting!

7 Letters

5.   Deluise as in Dom DeLuise the actor in muggle comedy films.

6.   diesels: Horrid trains that muggles replaced steam with.

7.   digests: Eating millions of books and retaining all the facts to help with homework.

8.   dilutes: What you do to Butterbeer to give to 1st years.

9.   disgust: Look upon your face when meeting a Slytherin.

10. duelist: Me, with hats!  But others with mittens.

11.  Gielgud: as in Sir John and a great lovey actor.

12.  guessed: How I came up with these definitions!

13.  gussied: to dress/decorate elaborately

14.  legumes: peas and beans and other healthy stuff...

15.  Melisse: French Jazz label

16.  mildest: The only form of punishment I'll cope with before crying.

    midgets: Tiny people not to be confused with Elves.

17.  misused: How magic shouldn't be treated.

18.  smuggle: The hiding of Butterbeer.

19.  Steidel: as in Chuck, Professor of Astronomy at CIT

20. Steidle: as in Brian, human rights activist

21.  tieless: how I prefer to be so I don't get it trapped in a book.

22. tussled: My hair in the morning.

23. ugliest: Slytherin's with Toads!

6 Letters

24. delist: remove stock from exchange

25. deluge: the amount of homework given by Snape to Gryffs.

26. demise: the sad ending - such as the end of term :o(

27. desist: to choose not to consume

28. diesel: When getting dressed in the morning and finding trousers the cat has slept on "diesel do..."

29. dieses: musical interval

30. digest: the finishing off of eating in your tummy.

31.  Diggle - Dedalus made shooting stars appear over Kent when Voldy disappears

32. dilute: an instrument I'd like to learn to play coz I like the sound of dilute music...

33. disuse: to neglect

34. duties: Prefect ones are not likely to happen for me!

35. eldest: I am the eldest in my family and the first to attend Hogwarts.

36. elites: fictional alien race in the Halo series

37. eludes: manages to escape

38. emslie: to try valiantly but inevitably cock it up

39. etudes: musical studies

40. Eustis: city in Lake County, Florida

41.  Geisel: as in Dr Seuss

42. gidget: contraction of girl midget

43. glides: what I want to do around the dance floor at the Yule ball.

44. guests: people invited to the Yule ball.

45. guides: people who show the guests around the Yule ball.

46. guilds: Group of clever people who keep the traditions going.

47. guiles: craftiness

48. guises: goes trick or treating (didn't know this one till I looked it up!)

49. gusset: triangular piece of cloth inbetween two other pieces.

50. Gussie: as in Fink-Nottle in PG Wodehouse Jeeves & Wooster

51.  gusted: the wind round the towers last night.

52. gustus: Latin for taste

53. islets: a small island

54. issued: I was issued with a regulation broomstick until mine came with the owls later in the week.

55. ledges: somewhere to put your elbows before resting your head in your hands.

56. legged: Ran off.

57. legume: a singular bean or pea!

58. Lessig: as in Lawrence political activitist

59. listed: Hogwarts is a listed building.

60. litmus: paper that changes colour in muggle science lessons.

61.  lusted: What I did over the DADA teacher...

62. Meisel: as in german composer Edmund

63. melted: what I did when I met the DADA teacher...

64. messed: what I did when I met the, nope too much information!

65. midges: horrid bitey things.

66. midget: a tiny portion of something.

67. Miguel: spanish for Michael

68. Migues: tpwn in Uraguay

69. misled: what I will claim to have happened to me when I get into trouble.

70. missed: what I intend not to do with my homework.

71.  misuse: what I won't do with my wand.

72. mugged: what happens to Slytherin's carrying cake.

73. mussel: a fishy mollusc.

74. sedums: leaf succulents

75. seidel: glass for beer

76. semite: southwestern Asian peoples

77. Sisulu: as in Albertina, South African anti-apartheid activist

78. sledge: form of transport in winter.

79. slides: what a sledge does.

80. sludge: what happens to the ground after the sledge has been on it.

81.  smidge: just a tiny bit more.

82. smiled: what I did when I saw the DADA teacher.

83. smiles: what I hope he does back to me one day.

84. smudge: what's left on my face when I wipe away a tear.

85. stiles: wooden fency things to climb over.

86. studies: Muggle studies is a subject I study at Hogwarts.

87. suggest: I suggest no more homework like this!

88. suedes: loads of animal skins.

89. suited: Matched to.

90. suites: as in three-piece and comfy chairs

91.  tedium: as in how I find some classes.

92. tissue: what you need to keep with you at all times.

93. tugged: what first year's do at sleeves of older and wiser people.

94. tussle: a small fight...

5 Letters

95. deems: to consider

96. degum: remove gum from

97. deism: believes god created the universe but doesn't get involved in the day to day running of the planets.

98. deist: believes in deism

99. Demel: chocolatier from Vienna

100.         demit: to let fall

101.          diets: things that should be banned.

102.         dimes: used to pay for things in the muggle world.

103.         duels: take place all the time.

104.         duets: two people playing music together.

105.         dulse: coarse edible red seaweed

106.         dusts: something I can't be accused of doing.

107.         edges: side of things to fall off.

108.         edits: what I have to keep doing to this post to get my answers in.

109.         edsel - type of Ford in 58, 59 and 60

110.          egged: had eggs thrown at.

111. Eilts: german footballer

112.eisel: wine vinegar

113.elide: leave out

114.Elise: french/german version of Elisabeth

115.elite: what Gryffs are.

116.Elsie: female name

117.elude: to dodge or escape

118.elute: to wash out with a solvent

119.Emile: boy's name

120.         Essie: female name

121.Estel: Aragorn II in LotR

122.         etude: musical study

123.         geist: german word roughly translated to spirit-mind

124.         gelid: extremely cold

125.         Giles: as in Rupert from Buffy (a muggle programme)

126.         gilts: bonds issued by the government

127.         Gleim: as in Johann Wilhelm Ludwig, german Anacreontic poet

128.         glide: like sliding but more elegant.

129.         glued: what I am to my knitting.

130.         glues: what I use to stick things together

131.guess: what I'm going to do for the next homework.

132.         guest: a visitor.

133.         gugel: type of hood with a trailing point worn in mediaeval Germany

134.         guide: small female creature dressed in blue that sells cookies.

135.         guild: group of clever people with a skill.

137.         guilt: what I feel when I don't do my knitting.

138.         guise: trick or treating.

139.         gules: red on a coat of arms

140.         gusts: what wind does.

141.idles: what an engine does in a car on standby.

142.         ileum: part of the small intestine between the jejunum and the cecum

143.         isles: bits of land surrounded by water.

144.         issue: a problem

145.         items: things

146.         ledge: somewhere to rest a pint of Butterbeer

147.         Leeds: northern town in the UK

148.         legit: shortened form of legitimate

149.         leise: soft

150.         Leist: as in Erich, german football player

151.Leite: portuguese surname meaning milk

152.         Lemus: municipality of Finland

153.         liege: feudal lord

154.         limes: green fruits

155.         lists: something I make then lose.

156.         lites: unit of glass in a window (seriously!)

157.         lutes: beautiful instruments

158.         medes: alternative spelling to mead

159.         meets: goes up to and says hello

160.         meles: european badger

161.melts: what snow does.

162.         Metis-Jupiter's innermost moon

163.         Meuse-european river

164.         midge: a small fly-abouty-bitey thing

165.         midst: in betweenst

166.         Miele: washing machine makers

167.         miles: long way to walk

168.         milts: mercy, grace, kindness

169.         mists: foggy things

170.         mites: more small bitey things

171.mules: donkeys

172.         multi: more than one

173.         mused: contemplated

174.         musee: french museum

175.         muses: one of the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne

176.         muted: hushed

177.         sedge: grasslike plant

178.         sedum: plant

179.         seeds: what you grow to get plants

180.         seems: appears to be

181.segue: smooth transition from one thing to another (one of my favourite words)

182.         Selig: german name meaning blessed

183.         Semel: as in Terry, chairman and CEO  of Yahoo

184.         semis: small Roman bronze coin

185.         sides: edges of things

186.         sidle: move sideways

187.         siege: being kept locked in without chocolate.

188.         sited: where something is put

189.         sites: where something could go.

190.         situs: location or position of a property

191.sleds: more than one sledge

192.         sleet: horrid cold wet stuff

193.         slide: fun slippy thing

194.         slime: green snotty stuff

195.         slims: something someone on a diet does

196.         slits: puts long holes in something

197.         slugs: shortened version of old Slughorn.

198.         slums: where some people have to live due to political unrest.

199.         smelt: melt down

200.        smite: inflict a heavy blow

201.         smile: big cheesy grin

202.         Smits: as in Jimmy actor

203.         steed: my trusty horsey

204.         steel: metal

205.         stems: green bits of flowers

206.         stile: one wooden fency thing

207.         studs: things to go in ears

208.         suede: nice material to make a jacket out of

209.         Suggs: Graham MacPherson, lead singer of Madness

210.         suite: set of something

211.suits: posh clothes that are uncomfortable

212.         Susie: girl's name

213.         teems: moving in large numbers

214.         tides: controlled by the moon

215.         tilde: ~ a grapheme with several uses

216.         tiled: paved with ceramics

217.         tiles: the ceramics you pave with

218.         timed: against the clock

219.         ulmus: deciduous trees having simple serrated leaves

220.         utile: useful

4 Letters

221.         Deeg: place in Rajasthan, India

222.         deel: the traditional dress of Mongolia

223.         deem: hold a personal opinion

224.         deet: insect repellent

225.         deis: environmental impact statement

226.         deli: place to buy scrummy food like olives and pastrami on rye.

227.         deus: latin word for god

228.         diel: 24hr period regardless of day or night

229.         diem: as in Carpe Diem - seize the day

230.         dies: unfortunate event that happens to us all at some point.

231.         diet: horrid thing, best to be avoided.

232.         digs: when searching for buried treasure it's what you have to do to the ground.

233.         dime: a single piece of muggle currency.

234.         dims: what you need to do to your wand when roaming around the corridors at night.

235.         diss: put someone down, also a town in Norfolk, England.

236.         duel: something I'm about to enter with my spoilee!

237.         dues: membership fees

238.         duet: two people doing something.

239.         dust: something that lies around all over my room.

240.         edes: National Republican  Greek League

241.         edge: something you don't want to fall off.

242.         Edie: female name

243.         edit: what I'm doing to this post to put the definitions in.

244.         eels: squiggly wiggly things to be found in water.

245.         eggs: lovely scrumptious things, especially the chocolate version.

246.         Egle: Queen of Serpents in a Lithuanian folk tale

247.         eide: Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

248.         Elie: town in Fife, Scotland

249.         elms: beautiful trees.

250.         else: usually followed by a punishment I'll receive if I don't do the bit before the "else".

251.         Emil: boy's name

252.         emit: let a noise escape

253.         Esme: as in Esme Weatherwax, one of the great witches of the Discworld.

254.         Esse: village in Western Finland

255.         Este: the spouse of Lorien and a healer (LotR)

256.         Etsu: japanese name meaning delight

257.         Gees-village in the Netherlands

258.         geis: idiosyncratic taboo

259.         geld: to castrate a male

260.         gems: pretty shinies!

261.         gess: strategic board game based on chess and go

262.         Gest: as in David a strange orange creature in the muggle world.

263.         gets: receives.

264.         gigs: musical concerts

265.         gild: decorate with gold leaf

266.         gilt: female pig without piglets

267.         glee: immense happiness

268.         glue: sticky stuff

269.         glum: what I am when I can't do my knitting

270.         glut: overeat

271.         Gumi: city in Gyeongsangbuk-Do, South Korea

272.         gums: things for holding onto your teeth before the tooth fairy takes them.

273.         gust: a bit of wind

274.         guts: things inside that don't want spilling

275.         idle: how to describe those Slytherin's that don't do homework.

276.         Iles: town in Columbia

277.         Imes: son of Urgal in Ilkarian mythology

278.         isle: a single island.

279.         isms: defines a system of beliefs

280.         item: a thing

281.         lees: sediment from fermentation of an alcoholic beverage

282.         leet: cool, elite often written as 1337, said by some to be a bit geeky

283.         legs: things between your feet and bottom.

284.         leis: necklaces made of fragrant flowers in Hawaii

285.         less: fewer than some

286.         lest: unless

287.         lets: allows

288.         lids: put on top of things to stop stuff spilling out

289.         lied: what Slytherin's did when they made excuses

290.         lies: what Slytherin's tell

291.         lieu: instead of

292.         lime: a green fruit

293.         Lise: girls name

294.         Liss: village in north east Hampshire

295.         list: number of things in a line

296.         lite: not heavy

297.         luge: toboggan

298.         lugs: knobs, also a Nottinghamshire dialect word for ears.

299.         luis: second letter of the Ogham alphabet

300.        lust: one of the seven deadly sins.

301.         lute: beautiful musical instrument

302.         Medi: a Thracian tribe

303.         mees: lunar crater on the far side of the moon

304.         meet: to go see someone

305.         meld: to combine two similar objects into one

306.         mele: song or chant

307.         melt: what happens to the things that meld together.

308.         mess: the state my room is in!

309.         mete: boundary line

310.         mets: New York sports team that isn't as good as Sox!

311.mild: not too bad.

312.         mile: a long way to go.

313.         mils: measure of vibration displacement - a thousandth of an inch

314.         milt: fish semen

315.         miss: what you shouldn't really call Professor McGonagall

316.         mist: foggy stuff

317.         mite: small bitey thing

318.         muds: refers to bone marrow transplantation procedures where the patient and donor are genetically matched but not family members

319.         mugs: things you drink Butterbeer from.

320.         mule: a donkey like creature.

321.         muse: modern popular beat combo

322.         must: grape sediment

323.         mute: thing you stick in the end of a trumpet to make it quieter.

324.         seed: something that grows into a plant

325.         seel: sew up the eyelids of hawks and falcons

326.         seem: when something is like something

327.         sees: looks into the future

328.         seid: Old Norse term for witchcraft practised by pre-Christian Norse

329.         Seil: one of the  Slate islands

330.         seis: six

331.         semi: half

332.         seti: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

333.         sets: groups of something.

334.         side: the edge of something

335.         Sieg: river in Germany

336.         sigg: type of bottle designed and manufactured in Switzerland

337.         silt: a type of sediment

338.         sims: annoying computer program muggles enjoy.

339.         site: a place on the muggle Internet

340.         sits: perches on a chair

341.         situ: where something rests

342.         sled: type of sledge

343.         slid: what you did on a sled

344.         slim: drastic measure you follow after Yule

345.         slit: make a cut

346.         slug: creature that leaves a slimy trail

347.         slum: distressed looking houses

348.         slut: anyone who goes out with the DADA teacher before I get the chance.

349.         Smee: Character from JM Barrie's Peter Pan

350.         smug: a word to describe Slytherins

351.         smut: something Slytherins like, but Gryffs would have nothing to do with.

352.         stem: green stick bit of a flower

353.         Stig: mystical driving creature from the muggle programme "Top Gear"

354.         stud: the DADA teacher

355.         stum: unfermented grape juice

356.         suds: soapy bits in the bath

357.         sued: having people complain and want money from you

358.         sues: the action the people above do.

359.         suit: uncomfortable thing you have to wear when looking posh.

360.         sums: horrid things involving numbers

361.         susi: type of african violet

362.         teem: mediaeval word meaning to become pregnant

363.         tees: what you put your golf balls on.

364.         teig: pastry or dough

365.         tese: surgery to remove testicular tissue and collect living sperm for use in IVF

366.         Tess: female name

367.         tide: make of washing powder

368.         tied: bound with ropes

369.         ties: horrid things we have to wear around our necks.

370.         tile: ceramic thing to be put on floors or walls

371.         time: something I never have enough of.

372.         tugs: little boats used to guide bigger boats into harbour.

373.         used: already made use of.

374.         uses: having a thing and doing something with it.

And that's that!


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